Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Walking for Autism!

In Training for the Coniston 2Barrow
Well for a while the issue of insomnia disappeared. After three weeks of not sleeping my son had had enough so he stayed awake for twenty four hours, slept at the table whilst we enjoyed a Chinese meal for his brother's birthday and got back into routine. That is until about a week ago.What causes it I don't know- it may be anxiety although he seems well in himself, it may be lack of motivation what I do know now is that he is able to regulate it himself if it all gets to much.
Meanwhile I'm pretty much stuck in the house during the day whilst he sleeps so I've set myself a goal- to walk the Coniston2Barrow walk on May 11th together with his twin sister for the Furness Branch of the National Autistic society.I have been allocated a number 7158 and I have started to train.Now I need to lose weight and I need to keep fit so if you see me puffing and panting up Kirkby Fells with my labrador and border terrier give me a wave I need all the encouragement I can get! If you want to sponsor me even better. you can log into the website here http://www.keswick2barrow.co.uk/  click the button 'sponsor a walker' type in the surname Frost and there we are Yvonne and Evie - no going back now!
With all the sleeping I've been worried about the education side of things but sometimes I wonder why. My son asked me to explain algebra to him the other day. That led to a discussion of the use of 0 as a place number , the use of an abacus in Japan and the introduction of the number system introduced by the arabians. Then  he told me that at various different times St Petersburg has been called Leningrad, Stalingrad and Tsargrad. The first two I knew , the last I did not. He is currently planning to design a computer game based on the Ancient Japanese - so research into the Samuri and Shinto is the order of the day.
And whilst that all goes on his brother and sister have spent the weekend camping in the snow at Frostbite camp. The tents were flooded and they were moved to lodges. the smoke alarms went off at 3.00am, they were prevented by snow from getting to camp on Friday night but despite all that the verdict 'It was 'epic' mum! Bear Ghrylls eat your heart out!

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