Friday, 23 August 2013

Juggling Balls!

What a fantastic day! We had yet another birthday in our house today. It was a day of unknowns, My son had his first interview, my mum was undergoing a hip replacement and my husband was having a birthday- talk about splitting yourself into thirds! It could have been a disaster, with me feeling that I'd failed on all counts to fulfil my duties as a mum, a daughter and a wife but thankfully it didn't work out that way,

My son can downstairs looking so smart in his shirt and tie, He had opted to shave off his Austrian stubble and looked smart and 'conventional'.  I dropped him off at his interview and went off into town to pick up supplies for a birthday meal. A 'home made' chinese take away and ingredients for my daughter who was inventing her very own Chocolate brownie sundae!

After the interview my son reported back to say that the interview had gone well and he was one of seven (well six actually as the first candidate hadn't shown up) chosen out of  110 for interview. He is now waiting to see if he is successful and depending on the outcome may then be faced with the very adult decision as to whether he continues with his college course or opt for  a work based training scheme instead to achieve the same qualification. There are pros and cons to both routes.

Back at home I rang to find out how my mum was getting on to find she was out of theatre and back in her room awaiting visitors. I found her in good form- a huge relief for us all and hopefully her quality of life will be greatly improved.

And as for my husband- we managed a Chinese banquet which,judging by the empty plates was enjoyed by us all although the chocolate brownie sundae, topped with Ben and Jerry's ice cream,cream and toffee sauce topped it all!

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