Saturday, 2 August 2014

The power of Flowers!

One of my favourite trips is to visit our local community garden at Ford Park for inspiration and imaginative ideas. The garden is situated at the foot of Hoad Hill is Ulverston and is open every day .Volunteers work on the garden and excess vegetable and plants are sold to the public,

As we strolled round the garden a few days ago there were laminated poems about plants by Maggie Norton and as well as a pink lady scarecrow there was a floral bicycle propped up against the wall!

We walked through a willow arch,having studied the structure for a future project.

But the highlight was the butterfly garden- a swathe of wild flowers and bushes grown randomly to attract the butterflies!

A small girl was sitting with her daddy whilst he identified a moth too her and showed her some caterpillars underneath a ragwort plant

She took a few home in a jar in the hopes that she could watch them turn into Chrysalis and butterflies. Meanwhile I caught this moth on camera! I have a friend called Poppy who I'm sure will identify it for me!


  1. Thanks for mentioning me Yvonne, it's a Meadow Brown butterfly :)

  2. Thanks Poppy. It's nice when us oldies can rely on you young ones to teach us! That's the lovely thing about home education!