Sunday, 4 January 2015

Our year ahead!


A new year is here and I'm still grappling with the changes I have to make. One thing I've learned through home educating is that small steps are enough, life is too short to stress yourself out trying to fulfil life changing resolutions then berating yourself when you don't quite get there.The thing is to focus on what you want to change and then take little steps in the right direction.Sometimes you may end up taking a few steps back but that doesn't mean you've failed.You just take a deep breath and set off in the right direction again. Writing this blog continually reminds me how far we've come on our home education journey.It may not be the same journey as anyone else, in fact if I compared myself with those families forging towards GCSE's and diplomas I would no doubt feel like a failure of a mother but what we do is right for Google and to see how happy and talkative he has been over the Christmas holidays has been proof of that. He has watched 'The Great Human Journey", read a book on Military History called Great Battles and Armies and Commando Magazines from the 1980s and despite having a rotten cold over the past few days has been happy and chatty and has us in fits with his off the wall sense of humour!
We have lots to look forward to,my daughter's lambs are due in February, we have raised beds to prepare in the garden and broad  beans to plant, a skiing trip for three members of the family, and some tuition blocks in motor engineering for my eldest in Milton Keynes. An exciting year!
I will be training for the C2B again, the challenge of walking 23 miles is no longer the goal but I realised that I get so much pleasure from the walking running up to the walk in May.I see new places and meet many interesting people and I love taking photos of the things I see along the way!
Through walking I learn about the local history and geology too.Things I would never have dreamed of studying .
So I have no plans to 'plan' our education. I know that learning will happen automatically.I  do however plan to spend less time on Facebook to free up time for more reading, writing letters and spending time in the garden.
I want to concentrate on spending locally rather than line the purses of the big corporations.That will take some time to achieve and a gradual change of lifestyle. I want to eat more healthily as I am concerned about what is being put into our food without  our knowledge. Finally I want to try and do some small thing to help the children at the Kepep Children's Centre in Greece whose plight weighs heavily on my heart since I first read about  them last year.Humanity is  not always as humane as we like to imagine. So there is a lot to accomplish this year.I'd better get started!

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