Sunday, 18 March 2012

Ask an Expert

What is critical is finding that magic moment when the gates are open and that river of knowledge can flow in

But lessons taught at a time a child is not prepared to receive them are always a tremendous waste of energy for both child and parent/teacher.
And the Skylark sings with me by David H. Albert

These are wise words for anyone involved in education.As a parent it has taken me a great deal of time and energy to realise how true they are. But, if you really listen to your child their knowledge will blossom and develop as you facilitate their research.

Whilst you may not always be able to answer their questions yourself, don't worry about it, that is not necessarily your role. The quest for information involves you in helping your child to seek out experts in the field they are interested in. These people are more often than not, not teachers or professionals but ordinary everyday people with an intense interest or hobby in a subject who is willing to share their enthusiasm with your child.For that is how their passion is passed on: like an infectious disease which spreads uncontrollably when you provide it with the right conditions!
History lesson at Erdig, North Wales

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