Wednesday, 7 March 2012

You can't measure knowledge!

As I handed in my eldest son's application to go paint balling today I realised once again that life continually provides opportunity to learn new things. Having spent the last two days indoors with my Autistic son who felt too stressed to leave the house he managed at last to go out today having ,in front of him , a list of all the shops I proposed to visit so he had the security of knowing exactly what we were doing (no surprises). If it had not been for my son's disability then my eldest son would not have had the opportunity to become part of Young carers and to gain valuable new experiences like water polo, Indian cookery, kite surfing and paint balling. Doors have been opened to new and unusual experiences! My youngest son by comparison can struggle with just walking round a supermarket with it's bright lights and continued beeping at the tills. How lovely therefore to pop down to our local golf driving range today to pick up some details and to be shown round by a lovely lady, who as soon as she realised my son was autistic showed him exactly where he would go and what he would need when he came to play. She quickly sensed that he was interested in her puppy which was hidden behind reception and allowed him to cuddle it whilst she told him about the centre and whether she realised it or not she opened up lines of communication so that my son felt able to open up and talk to her.That brief moment was in itself a learning experience for my son. Children learn in different ways and in different amounts. It's not the amount or difficulty of the learning that counts it's the relevance to them growing into mature , responsible individuals willing to say 'I don't know, could you show me?' If only we as adults could be more like them!

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