Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Crafts!

Happy Easter from a lovely spring day in the Lake District. The clocks went forward last night so we can look forward to lighter evenings for the next few months and hopefully better weather. We normally hold an Easter egg hunt among the daffodils in the garden but Easter is very early this year and with the snow of the last week the daffodils are not yet out! Never the less our lovely neighbour has been round with eggs for the children and a chocolate bar in the shape of a lamb for my husband as he complained that WE had eaten all the chocolates she gave him last week for cutting down her tree.The Cheek! Anyway I got the lovely flowers above and thankfully no one can eat them!

My daughter has been busy preparing the window sill for Easter. I love living in a cottage.It lends itself to rural crafts.We used the felted goose and rabbit my artistic sister made me for Christmas.

It was my sister in laws birthday today too so my daughter made her a birthday cake using the icing recipe she's used on my birthday cake. My sister in law was really touched and the cake beat any shop bought recipe! 

It was lovely to see my autistic son join in the family celebrations! He often struggles with socialising but when he's with people he knows and feels comfortable with he can talk the hind leg off a donkey and if they are prepared to talk about computers and gaming he's off!

We've decorated some egg boxes too so we can deliver some eggs to my friend later. We thought we would add a broken shell with a chicken inside!

After the snow it's nice to see the lambs in the fields again. The farmers lost a few this year in the snow drifts and as I walked the fells yesterday I came across deep snow drifts which still hadn't melted but the signs of spring were definitely in evidence today.There's nowhere to beat Britain in the spring!

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