Saturday, 16 March 2013

Happy Birthday to Mum!

This week marked a special birthday in my house. I was 50. Now I'm not one for making a big fuss or having huge family parties which is just as well when you have a son with Aspergers but I really appreciated the little thoughts and kindnesses of my special friends which make birthdays all worth while. My daughter made my birthday cake, At just twelve she made it all by herself and I'm really proud of her I just had to record her handiwork for posterity! She loved piping the pattern onto the cake and we discussed her learning how to do it so that she can make a little pocket money designing and making her own cakes.
My parents called round with a beautiful necklace and cakes so we could have morning coffee at home as they knew that I was likely to be unable to go out during the day if my son was still sleeping (he is still awake during the night and sleeping during the day!)
Then a friend popped round unexpectedly and brought me some flowers which are now on display on our kitchen table. It's not often I get flowers so I have really enjoyed them. A dear friend sent me an e-card all the way from her new home in Caithness where she is happily settling in to a small holding ,making her crafts and surrounded by animals and I got this fabulous bag and a fleece from my sister!

My birthday celebration meal has been put on hold until April as after a family discussion about a restaurant where we could all be comfortable and enjoy ourselves (not all environments are suitable for my son on the spectrum) so he came up with the suggestion of going to Frankie and Bennys which is opening soon and the vote was unanimous!
And this was my birthday present to myself. A trip for my daughter and I to go and see The Lion King in Manchester with some friends! It was spectacular, the costumes and dance were inspirational and it was an experience that we don't often get living out in the sticks! It would have been rather too noisy for my Autistic son as there were bongo drums being played in the boxes on either side of the auditorium and at one stage even I  found the singing rather loud myself but we were able to watch snatches of the show afterwards courtesy of You Tube where he saw the Giraffes on stilts and the clever puppeteers!
It's not often you have a fiftieth birthday so thankyou all my friends and family for making it special!

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