Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Out with the old and in with the new!

Tis the season of honeysuckle and dog roses. I noticed as I was walking down the lane with the dogs in the sunshine this morning. I smelt the all invasive scent of the honeysuckle before I saw it- one of my favourite flowers. The foxgloves are  out too- gone are the pastel shades of spring and we are now into the richer purples and cerise and the stronger aromas of pollinating flowers.

Today was a day for decluttering. I'm a terrible hoarder but I was taking delivery of a new (or rather recycled) pine unit for the Kitchen and needed to make some space. I have always loved old furniture but in our small cottage there is a danger of overcrowding so I need to choose carefully.

It breaks my heart to think of the rosewood inlaid bed I have stored in the garden shed because it was unsuitable for the boys room.When they flee the nest it will be reinstated!

Out went the dog crate I've been tip toeing around for the past year, the church pew was moved into the porch and the cob webs which abound were swept away!

The furniture men arrived and commented how heavy the side board was as they struggled down the back stairs to the kitchen. Once in place I embellished it with my own sign.

and added a vase of ox eye daisies from the garden.....

And what about the dog? Well we bought him a new little bed of his own, oh  and a bone!

I think he was quite happy with the trade in now that he's a big boy.

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