Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Wrong Turn

It's  been a funny week. It's half term so all the children have been at home. We have  decorating and my daughter and her friend helped emulsion a bedroom. There was more paint on them than the walls. but they seemed to have had a great time if the giggles were anything to go by.It's so important when home educating that the children are involved in our family projects. This week my daughter has learned how to rub down and prepare skirting boards for glossing and has become a dab hand at pulling up carpet tacks with a claw hammer. At various different times all the children have been involved in one way or another. My autistic son knocked plaster off the wall and designed the kitchen and my eldest helped his dad with the heavy lifting and trips to the tip. 

Anyway this afternoon was a time for chilling. I set off to  Grizebeck in the car and parked at the pub. I intended to walk up the track past the old village school but it quickly became apparent  that I wasn't welcome when I came to a cattle grid with a sign PRIVATE CATTLE GRID USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

I retraced my steps back to the main road and back to a sign which said Woodland 2 miles. Just off was a public footpath sign up through the woods so I decided to investigate. I wasn't disappointed.

The woodland was carpeted with wild garlic and bluebells and as I walked I followed the route of the beck which flows through Grizebeck village. I later learned that it means 'Stream of Pigs'. The road was metaled all the way up the hill and above me on the right I could just see the road up to Gawthwaite beneath the shadow of Burlington Slate.

Suddenly I came across two gate posts,either side of the road. Totally out of character with the area and bearing the name Ashlack Hall. I carried on up the road and came across this wonderful house hidden in the valley and now used for holiday accomodation. In fact I stumbled across a wedding and tip toed silently away in my T shirt and rucksack as I looked rather out of place in the circumstances, but not before I had the chance to pass the time of day with a guest in his wedding suit and walking boots!

Apparently Ashlack Hall in a 16th century manor house which was owned by the Royalist Kirkby family. Another piece of local history to add to my collection.

I was extremely jealous of its very own walled vegetable garden.

I didn't have time to continue on my walk up the fells so decided to return when I have a few hours to spare. Instead I turned on my heel and walked back down the road ,with views towards Black Combe , and took some more photos of the beautiful woodland with its Oak trees. The bluebells are over only too quickly!

We rounded off a perfect day with a barbecue.

I even managed to get a photo (well sort of!) of my autistic son who doesn't like his picture being taken! In fact it was just lovely that he actually wanted to come outside in the garden and join us. The sun shine makes a difference as he has been on the trampoline a few times recently.

Daddy was in charge of the North African sausages ( a lesson in foreign food) and the Cumberland sausages (a lesson in Cumbrian cuisine)

And my eldest, who has been revising for his GCSE's this week, just chilled and enjoyed his time with the family!

The Walk (Directions) - and beyond

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