Sunday, 26 May 2013

A Trip for Blackberry Jam run out of blackberry jam, It may not sound drastic but there really is nothing better than a jar of homemade blackberry jam and our retailer lies way up the Woodland valley at the end of a farm track. The weather was fine and it was a busy bank holiday Sunday so what better day to get off the beaten track to make my purchase away from supermarket queues and holiday makers.

My daughter was taking part in an alternative sports day at Broughton. The square was full of tourists supping beer and buying plants and crafts when I dropped her off but when I finally found a place to park the car I set off along the railway track I followed a few weeks ago and the crowds quickly melted away. 

This time I took my camera because the bluebells are out and I didn't want to miss them. It's a pity they don't do scratch and sniff photos as the smell was lovely as I walked through the woods, Some primroses were still out but it was predominately blue bells, wild garlic and apple blossom this time round.

The walk to Woodland is about 3 1/2 miles and it took an hour to reach the farm. buy our jam and amble along to Woodland rooms to take the pictures I'd missed last time.

I decided I could happily live here and have found the farm I would convert given half a chance - remote but within reach of civilisation should I choose to be part of it! Perhaps when the kids are older and don't rely on me too much for lifts....

Peering through the gate I came face to face with this....Some sort of sheep I think, As it turned to run off I noted it had big curly horns hidden in all that wool.

I turned tail and retracked my steps to Broughton passing verges of Buttercups along the way. I 've noted recently that some of the fields are predominately covered in daisies whilst others host buttercups- I assume it's something to do with the fertility of the soils and I will have to check it out.

Back at Broughton and some of the stall holders are packing up and the tourists are making their way homewards, but my daughter and her friends are happily throwing water at one another, She is £1 richer as she won two races but I'm reliably informed she can't do blind folded bike races!

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