Monday, 20 May 2013

Blossom Time

It's blossom time in our garden. My favourite time of year. The Braeburn tree (if you could call it that, as it's only 3ft high) is covered in the richest cerise coloured blossoms for the first time this year.

As usual the wild poppies have self seeded themselves......

And the rhodedendron  which survived being uprooted from my mum's garden and travelled by trailer  to ours is well settled in and lights up the garden with its rich pink blooms.

All the blossoms are a different shade of pink, ranging from almost white to crimson.

The borage I bought weeks ago is in flower now although slightly slug chewed...........

and the entrance to the drive is lit up with poppies and bluebells.

In fact even the dandelions add a splash of colour

And finally - the cherry blossom which is just going over and starting to spread over the ground like confetti'.

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