Saturday, 4 May 2013

Wordsworth Country - walking in Woodland

I wish I could show you some photos of where I walked today. But today was not a day for photography. Today I was a woman on a mission. With only 7 days to go before the big day I was clocking up the miles in preparation for my sponsored walk.
The sun was shining and it was an ideal day for walking, cool and bright. I set off along the Duddon estuary , the Shetland ponies had been moved down the hill to the field next to the road and the hens and geese had been let out and followed me along the dry stone wall. 
Turning off the road I walked towards Waitham Hill and past Duddon mosses nature reserve before crossing the railway line and walking towards Foxfield.
The  level crossing was closed so whilst I waited for the train to pass on it's way up to Carlisle I enjoyed the views over the Estuary.
Once over the railway line  I passed the Prince of Wales , famous for it's home brewed beer and walked towards Broughton-in-furness, passing verges of Butter burr which I'd never seen until the other day, and an old Pickfords lorry, languishing in a farm yard,
Walking past Donkey Rock with its Coniston Grits I carried on to Broughton with it's picturesque square and stocks and popped into the Information centre to check my route. 
From Broughton I took the disused railway line which in days past took people as far as Coniston and at the end I continued up another track towards Rosthwaite.  This route was new to me and I can only try and describe the deciduous copses which were filled with primroses and wood anenomes. The bluebells were beginning to come out and it won't be long before the woods are covered in a blue carpet.
At Rosthwaite I stopped to buy some blackberry and apple jam which was displayed at the end of a farm track next to a small honesty jar. Woodland rooms is an old tin shed painted green and I turned right in front of it with the object of walking to Woodland church but I lost the path and found myself meandering back down the valley along hillsides and through woods and past a beautiful Lakeland Farm reminiscent of the gingerbread house in Hansel and Gretal amongst the woodland. I startled a deer in the woods and was privileged to watch it as it bounded off. As I climbed down the valley side I crossed over a weed clogged river which flowed slowly towards the sea. There were marsh marigolds in bloom and I heard my first cuckoo at the other side of the valley.
I finally reached the road and met two ladies who were also practicing for the walk and I spent a very pleasant twenty minutes talking to them as we walked back to Broughton where they intended to stop for soup.
I left them and set off down the hill towards Foxfield station, stopping to eat a piece of home made quiche and a bottle of orange juice on a ridge overlooking the panoramic views over the Duddon estuary.
At Foxfield station I retraced my steps back via Waitham and saw two Canadian geese in the field as I passed. Back along the road to Sandside and up the hill to home, a journey of about 16 miles. So I'm all ready for the big day, my legs ache ,but I recovered quickly and psychologically I feel fine so all I can do is give my all for a very worthy cause The Furness Branch  of the National Autistic Society.

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