Saturday, 20 July 2013

Autism, the weather and changing behaviours

Heatwave in July 2013
Well we are officially going through a heatwave here in Cumbria and it's been interesting to see how my son has coped. So many autistic children struggled to regulate their temperature and my son quite frequently wears his anorak on the hottest of days!
Thankfully we are lucky. If anything the hot weather entices him out of the house more- not far you understand, but into the garden to play with the dogs, nip out for a quick trampoline or a water game and into the house again. He's also enjoyed our family barbecues when the evenings were cooler.
Only the other day we were the only customers at KFC on our weekly outing and he sat in the car,sweat pouring down his face but he didn't complain.
Whilst drinking enough is usually an issue I notice he does keep himself topped up- it's just a pity he doesn't wash up his glasses afterwards- there is a trail round the house.
It is important to watch our children - for many they struggle with this hot weather and it can lead to melt down. Whilst we celebrate the coming of summer they are stuck in airless, stifling buildings, unable to go out or when they do they are inappropriately dressed.
Leaving cold drinks around or making ice lollies can help ( a great science lesson on changing materials), leaving curtains closed, explaining clearly and scientifically how the body regulates itself through sweating and pointing out what others are wearing in the hopes they will follow suit.
Weather is so closely related to the sensory issues our children experience that it is worthwhile paying close attention as it may well be a reason for their behaviours.
 Fortunately for us the hot weather is not a major issue but there are children who will not leave the house if it's windy because it 'hurts' them or they don't like getting wet - don't underestimate how influential it is upon our childrens' moods.
 I would love to hear of others experiences and any tips which they have which may be of use to others during this period of hot weather. Parent's are by far the most useful source of advice!


  1. Sipping fluids a lot helps. But watch out, they can fake the sips. Wearing a hat, if they will. Cool baths if they start overheating and electrolyte mix kept handy. Problem is it tastes foul, according to Madam, but she does drink it now.

  2. my gorgeous girl is wearing long johns and has been since the sun came out also fluffy slippers she is getting some strange looks luckily the neighbours are quite understanding so just accept her - int he winter she wears t-shirts and no coat.

  3. Kizzy I'm smiling at the thought! I no longer bat an eyelid when I see an adult with shorts and sandals in the middle of winter.I just assume he is on the spectrum!