Sunday, 14 July 2013

Summer Days

I've just looked out the kitchen door to see my daughter put the finishing touches to her tent. She managed to erect it in 10 minutes- she has come on leaps and bounds since she joined scouts two years ago.

She plans to sleep in the garden tonight. It's been a beautiful weekend.She spend Friday evening camping on her friend's farm. Up at six to milk the cows, first breakfast at 7.00am then three hours haymaking before second breakfast at ten.
She and her friend followed behind the tractor over the fields on their bikes and helped with the baling! At one point they stood on top of the hay bales, gloves on their feet like ducks and did the birdie dance!
Lunch in the farmhouse of sausages followed by home made fruit flan then down to the river Crake for a dip (or three) in the shade of the trees!
It's the stuff Enid Blyton stories are made of and the memories will be with her for life.
She has learned so much. Did I know that all the fields have their own names? That lambs are born with tails and they ring them to cut off the blood supply? She is learning where her food comes from and just how hard the farmers work to supply it- and yet they have time to play host to her provided she chips in and does her bit!

We've had our fair share of culture here this week too. My daughter worked with the Rambert Dance company this week, producing their own dance in just one day. It was a hot day and required hard work and concentration but she loved it.

And last night Italian food with good friends.Sixteen of us,parents on one table and daughters on another. It was good to get together.

Then today. a picnic on the beach followed by a stroll to our local Buddhist retreat for cake and refreshments in their cafe before walking back to the car.

And tomorrow - in total contrast, a day at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.This is what summers are made for!

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