Sunday, 16 March 2014

It's amazing what you can do when you set your heart on something!

I love the spring,The countryside comes alive and there are lambs in the field behind the house now.This morning as I went walking I spotted a moor hen in the rushes.It was too quick for me to take out my camera!

It's been a busy weekend. We spent yesterday tidying the Mill Lane Garden. There is still lots to do. The base has been laid for the patio which will be laid next week before a base is prepared for artificial grass and chippings to go under the special disability swing. My son stained the arch ways.

My friend's daughter concentrated on planting planters

and my friend and I brushed paths and weeded borders. Friday sees an open garden event to thank all those who have helped so far and to show how far we've come.

The apprentices, in a few short weeks have raised over £1000 and procured donations of resources and time worth several thousands more. No mean feat!

If you haven't yet visited and liked their facebook page please do.Nine young apprentices have achieved a great deal and can be proud of themselves.

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