Thursday, 6 March 2014

Taking ownership of our education

I've been out for a walk today. I needed the break. It feels like I have been battling the system for a week now. My son went to college on Tuesday as he had an exam. When he got there his training provider had failed to enter him despite the college reminding them.

It wasn't until that point that I realised that we were losing control of his education, three layers of bureaucracy from his immediate employers , our local council who in turn contract out training to a company who don't do motor vehicle maintenance and who have therefore subcontracted my son's training still further.

The delays and mistakes made through lack of communication have in fact put my son's training back by about 4 months. It's a learning curve and it's not all doom and gloom, my son is on the point of being able to drive, has thrived in the working environment and has seen how the local authority works because he's been at the sharp end and it's shown him how budget cuts, lack of staffing ,disagreements about which departments pay for what leads to an inefficient oiling of the system. For me with a background in the private sector it has been an eye opener. What should be an establishment of opportunity and self advancement (which in fact it sets itself up to be)  in fact has a culture of disillusionment and mistrust which is getting in the way of those who want to succeed.

Any way we are on the case now and our aim is to get my son's education back on track. He had no intention of finishing his education at 18  but it's one of those situations where someone has dumped an unwelcome and unnecessary mountain in the way and we are going to have to circumnavigate it.

Fortunately home education has given us the necessary qualifications we need and we are beginning to lop off the diseased branches impeding my son's path to personal success. Buffalo coming through.......Watch this space!

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