Sunday, 14 December 2014

Judge for yourself- don't believe everything you read!

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Yesterday I was talking to a lady about my daughter's school.

"Ah yes" , she said, "That school has a bad reputation doesn't it?"

Well actually it doesn't. When OFSTED visited the school all the parents (with the exception of one) rated the school as excellent or good in all respects.The school is small. with a high percentage of special needs and it caters for each pupil as an individual ,whether they be potential Oxford and Cambridge entrants or struggling with a life long disability which will make independent living very unlikely.

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The sad thing is that people listen to OFSTED and the perameters of what makes a 'sucessful' school keep changing so  numbers dwindle and the future of our small local schools become threatened.Perhaps that's what the government is aiming for.After all they are a drain to the Treasury pocket!

I once read that the optimum amount of people that anyone can get to know is just over 100. In my daughter's school there are 150 and she knows most of them, if not personally, by sight. Bullying is stamped on immediately and when I suggested my daughter might be slightly dyslexic she was assessed within two days.

I can ring up reception and they know who I am and I can send an email knowing that my message will be passed on to the relevant teacher. Parents and children work together as a team and want what's best for each individual child. It's just about as good as it gets after home education. (but then I'm biased!)

So if you're looking for a good school,go and visit and judge for yourself. There is more to an excellent school than just good grades. But then what would I know, I'm just a parent!

Land based science working party

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