Wednesday, 10 December 2014

What makes us Happy?

As I grow older I increasingly find that it's the simple things in life that bring me the most happiness, like walking in the countryside,singing,coffee with friends and sharing! In fact a special friend and I have agreed to spend no more than £2 on one another for Christmas ( including card and wrapping paper) I'm having a great time scouring the shops for just the right present! The worrying thing is that my husband thinks it's a great idea and has decided that the i-pad he thought he might buy me has gone out the window!

The best gifts for me are memories. Putting up the nativity and remembering the year when Google decided to put baby Jesus on the roof, or the Easter card ,where if you looked closely , Google's chicken was wearing spectacles whilst his twin sister's conformed to the acceptable 'norm'

Making Sloe gin and watching the sun set over Black Combe as my daughter and I  stood by the farm gate with a box filled with Sloes. Being privileged to participate in a concert in memory of the First world war and struggling to sing the words "Everyone suddenly burst out singing" based on a poem by Siegfried Sassoon as there was such a lump in my throat and half the audience were crying!

And now we are looking forward to a season of concerts in nursing homes, day care centres and public Christmas events.Singing is free and brings lots of pleasure to so many,including those of us that sing! Here's one of my current Favourites "Cold enough to Snow"
I read this,this morning and thought it worth posting! I hope it has as much impact on you as it did me!

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