Saturday, 16 February 2013

Half Term Education!

It's half term this week. I always look forward to having all the children at home because it's the opportunity to escape routine and  really enjoy life without any constraints. I've always said that it is times like these when my children are truly "educated" and when I look back over the week so far I can see how productive autonomous learning really is.

Yesterday my eldest son invited his friends  round to practice for a gig they are playing  in March. The garage was full of teenage boys laughing and joking as they drummed and strummed and sang. Some of them are doing music as a GCSE, some are self taught musicians but they all shared a real love of music and were swapping ideas and difference experiences. As they chatted in the kitchen munching pizza I  found it heart warming that instead of sitting in front of computers screens all day these lads who were from different schools were doing something they loved and helping each other to learn and progress!

Meanwhile my daughter and I are in training for a twenty three mile sponsored walk in the Lake District . We are raising money for our local NAS. Neither of us has walked that far before but we are determined to complete it. We had planned our route to Broughton, a walk of around 5 miles each way. The weather was kind and it was cold and bright as we set off  across the marshes.Unfortunately the batteries in the camera quickly went flat  so we resorted to my mobile phone and ipod to record our journey. Although less effective than the camera , we managed to capture the two black sheep which stolled ahead of us up the road, and the white sheep which stuck it's head through the fence to say hello.

On our way to Broughton we passed Donkey Park , We discovered it was a geology park which contains Coniston Grits 400 million years old from the Sillurian period. I had passed many times in the car but had never noticed the quarry or indeed heard of it.

On reaching  Broughton we stopped for lunch in The Square Cafe and then set off on our return journey. My daughter's knee was beginning to throb ( an injury suffered following her recent school dance performance) so at Foxfield we checked the train times and discovered that the next train was due so on we jumped and travelled the four minute journey home to Kirkby! Even reading the train timetable was an education for my daughter who rarely has the opportunity to travel on public transport in our rural area.

Yesterday my eldest set off for Explorer camp in lake Windermere. Last time he went the tents were flooded by melted snow. This time he is living in the lap of luxury- a wooden lodge with a kitchen. He is part of the staff for the weekend ! Meanwhile, I have had hordes of young teenage girls sleeping overnight in our garage (not as bad as it sounds!) and , as for my autistic son - well he has enjoyed the company and been content to join in as and when it suited him.

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