Saturday, 9 February 2013

Karate Kid!

Putting up the new trampoline with friends last summer!
My son is in the kitchen making himself a bagel. It may not sound like much but if you have been following my blog recently you'll know how big a deal that is. In fact it's his third today.It's lovely to see him enjoying his food!
It's been a good week. A week of firsts! My son asked to come to Asda this morning. Now firstly it's Saturday, secondly it was likely to be busy and finally he didn't need to come as my husband was at home! I explained the likelihood of it being busy (which it was) but that didn't deter him so off we set, myself, my son and his twin sister!
On the way there he sat reading "The Barmy British Empire" ( a subject with which he is fascinated at the moment). Once at the supermarket we discussed strategies if it became overwhelming. My son and his sister set off in search of the computer games whilst I scooted round to buy our essentials. After about 20 minutes they found me and my daughter said her brother was ready to go back to the car so I handed her the keys and off they went. I completed the shopping and went back to the car to find him happily absorbed once again in his book.
My son has ventured out several times this week. As usual we managed our weekly visit to KFC. Luckily we have managed to maintain this through out his period of anxiety and it has been a godsend sitting in the car park eating our lunch whilst we discuss what he has learned in the week. He also managed lunch at Grandmas on Sunday and went round to play on the Xbox with my friend's sixteen year old whilst I took my eldest to his college interview. He does seem to have an affiliation with children senior to him.Finally he played on the trampoline yesterday. The weather was lovely, mild and sunny - my son seemed to spend most of the day in his bedroom but when he came down he said he had been learning Karate and he showed me his moves. He also explained the mentality behind the moves and showed me a video on You Tube this morning aboult the Shanolin Monks who practised it! I suggested we went into the garden to show his dad and surprisingly he agreed.He then decided the trampoline would be a good place to practice his moves. Despite having his ear defenders in case of 'low flying planes' he took them off and didn't seem to be bothered by the sound of traffic outside the village or the bird song. The excercise did him good too. I found him asleep at 9.30pm and he didn't wake up until 8.00am the following morning!

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