Sunday, 10 February 2013

Learn from Experience!

"We learn something from everything we do,and everything that happens to us or is done to us.What we learn may make us more informed or more ignorant, wiser or stupider,stronger or weaker, but we always learn something." Instead of Education by John Holt.


My sons' fingers have been rattling over the keyboard this evening. For someone who has trouble putting pen to paper because the effort involved in forming the letters interferes with his ability to concentrate on what he needs to write it's amazing.His writing suddenly becomes eloquent and fluent and in accordance with his intelligence, whereas his hand writing is still immature and unformed. 

I suppose we could have concentrated more on neat handwriting but I can't see the point. My son is capable of filling in forms and signing his name if he needs to, but in this day and age the majority of what he needs to do can be completed by computer. Similarly with maths, it's more important that he understands the procedure required to calculate a problem rather than actually working it out in his head when calculators are freely available.

Technology is moving so fast and that can only be beneficial for Autistic children.Today I read about the Grace app for iphones  which enables non verbal children to communicate what they want by using PECS or pictures. It was designed by a mother of two autistic children to help them. (Mothers can be very creative when they have to be).So many parents I have come across have invented ingenious gadgets to help their children when they have been unable to find  resources on the market.

One mum has started a business making weighted blankets, another trained to do sensory profiling, many parents turn to blogging which opens up new opportunities to educate and learn about autism.In fact some of the most intelligent people I know have autistic children. They have had to learn to 'think outside the box' which can only be good in a society where our education system is no more that the government telling its teachers what it thinks we have to learn. Thank goodness it doesn't bother me one hoot whether the government continue with GCSE's or the new scrapped idea of a Baccalaureat- you can't improve a failing system!

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