Thursday, 24 April 2014

Straw in our Wellies!

As my daughter sat in the sunshine the other day I was struck once again how creative children are when they are allowed to express themselves. She sat quietly under the trees weaving herself a blue bell crown oblivious to us all and enjoying her solitude. When she came running over to show me what she'd done I suggested we take some photos and here are the results.

A few minutes later she had jumped onto the tractor mower and was driving round the garden  laughing and grinning from ear to ear with her crown on her head looking more like an imp than a fairy!

She really is an outdoor girl.She spent the day bottle feeding lambs and ringing tails yesterday,putting stones back on top of dry stone walls  and sadly discovered a dead ewe and a lamb which had been poisoned by eating too much clover, grown according to my daughter , as a result of too much nitrogen in the soil.( I still need to google that snippet of information).They'd had to move the flock out of the field to another in order to deal with the problem.

She is really looking forward to her G.C.S.E in land management next year and we are really fortunate that a local benefactor has given money to the school to allow them to run the course.

I suppose it will just mean more wellies at the back door full of straw when she gets home!

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