Sunday, 27 April 2014

Sunbrick Lane

What a rich and fulfilling day it has been.We woke up to sunshine at 7.00 and by 7.30am my daughter was out in the fields walking the dogs at our local kennels.Two pet sheep needed to be bottle fed and I learned for the first time this morning that cola bottles with teats will do- not bottles similar to those used to feed babies.These lambs were skittish,they ran to be fed and then ran away, not wanting to be petted and held.

After breakfast of bagels and coffee we decided to walk the mile and a half to our local church where my daughter was performing a play called The Seeker. Eight young teenagers in the village have been meeting monthly to socialise and prepare for a performance.It has demanded commitment, hard work and learning lines but it all came together and the girls pulled it off! Their reward - home made chocolate brownie afterwards!

We walked the mile and a half home racking up our mileage for our forthcoming sponsored walk in aid of the National Autistic society and then it was the St Georges Day Service for Scouts on Birkrigg common. I left my daughter and walked up the common until I looked down on Morecambe Bay. I stumbled across Sunbrick Quaker Burial ground beyond a small arch .The only thing hinting of its exsistance was a plaque on which it stated that Margaret Fell and her second husband George Fox (the founder of Quakerism) were buried there.

I continued down the hill and through a farm yard onto a bridle path lined with hedges full of blossom and dry stone walls built from the limestone on which Birkrigg is based. I thought I heard a peacock but as I didn't see it it may have been a figment of my imagination. I did however see a rabbit amongst the bracken!

Back on the road again I walked back towards Birkrigg with it's view of Ulverston and Hoad monument and took a short detour down to Little Urswick with its tarn before returning to pick up my daughter who had been orienteering on the common.

It has been a lovely day and even now the sun continues to shine! Tomorrow I will have to do some gardening!

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