Sunday, 11 May 2014

Aspergers and Achievment

My daughter's own sign at Lowick to spur her on!

So often people concentrate on what people with Autism 'can't do'. Over the years I have been home educating my son I have moved further and further away from the conventional forms of 'achievement' such as good GCSE'S  or well paid jobs and have been amazed at what our children can achieve if we facilitate them.

Yesterday I took part in the Coniston to Barrow walk., a twenty three miles walk along the east side of Coniston lake, over Kirkby fells and past Furness abbey into Barrow. I together ,with my daughter were raising money for the National Autistic Society Furness Branch

My daughter at the start in Coniston.


Nearly at Horrace!

In our team were two young people on the Autistic spectrum,the youngest is still in primary school and the older a young man of eighteen. They both face their own challenges.Anxiety gets in the way of so many things that we take for granted,like joining clubs, going to parties and socialising. Even walking to school can be hard.

Yesterday both of these young people came across the finish line.The eighteen year old in a magnificent time of just over 5 hours (put my 6 hours 43 minutes to shame). The little boy, who looked so small when we started out at Coniston had the biggest brightest smile at the end as he stood with his proud mum to have his picture taken with his medals.

To both mums, and all the members of our team,these two young people have made us SO proud and shown others that there is NO obstacle that can't be overcome.Well done guys!

You can still sponsor them both here.Two pounds will make a fantastic difference!

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  1. They were amazing. So many walkers going past me with smiles. Some even managing to jog. And that was close to the end too.