Monday, 19 May 2014

One Day at a Time! (or Living in the Moment)

Yesterday I stopped in the meadow to study the daisies. I'd never realised before just how purply pink the tips of the petals are before they unfurl for the day. As I stood in the still and the sunshine I heard my first cuckoo. I haven't heard one in this valley before,my last one was up the Duddon valley.It made me  realise how important it is to just stop and absorb the moment sometimes and appreciate what we have around us.

I've spent some time in the garden over the last few days. Yesterday I planted two new clematis.I love them at this time of year.The rhododendrons are spectacular too. Whilst my rhododendron and azalea  collections are slowly growing and maturing,I wanted to add  clematis and rambling roses to the mix.

My salad leaves have flourished, I picked my first leaves yesterday for my sandwich, the free potatoes are growing in their sacks and there are signs of spring onions peeping through.My tomato plants (for the time being at least are thriving),my half price fuchsias and geranium are almost ready to be potted outside and the world is currently a  colourful and beautiful place outside.

Every year I promise myself that this year will be the one when I will really get down to it but really the wilderness of my garden is part of it's charm. the wild poppies, violets and forget-me- nots,the cowslips, bluebells and the primroses and of course the wild life that goes with it. The challenge will be to keep the balance.

The garden is a safe haven for my son too. He can trampoline, play with the dogs and make dens.I still have to watch the unfilled hole when he built a trench to Australia a couple of years ago.

I remind my self that no matter what his problems and disinclination to go out and socialise, he is lucky to have been brought up around hens and sheep, herons , buzzards and red kites.

I've been asked twice this week what my hopes and plans are for his future. My answer- I have none, we live in the moment and look at what he can deal with now. He has no need for GCSE's at the moment but he is looking at what he might do to make a living when he is older, computer programming, the stock market- things that interest him.

It's not a short sighted approach, it's a holistic approach. It's no use having a long term goal and feeling a failure at the first hurdle.My son has shown that he can do things if he wants them enough.His desire seems to override his anxiety,so we shall just have to take a day at a time and see where we end up!

(apologies for the lack of photos due to a technical hitch which hopefully will soon be remedied )

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