Thursday, 8 May 2014

Old before my time !


Today I bought my first Wainwright , the cover states that it is 'written primarily for old age pensioners and others who can no longer climb high fells but can still,within reason,potter about on the short and easy slopes and summits of the foothils. "

Mmmm ....... at the ripe old age of fifty one the walks described seemed just the sort I enjoy, the ambling along,tiddley pom,something to photograph round every corner, tiddley pom, sort of walk.

NOT the huffing and puffing, nearly falling off your perch on the way up sort of walk.

I recognised some of the walks as I'd already done  one of two. I learned that the tarn I'd photographed the other weekend was Burney Tarn and that the flat topped mountain I see every morning when I look towards the Lakeland Fells is Walna Scar followed by Buck Pike and Dow Crag.

Burney Tarn

One walk entitled 'Potter Fell' described perfectly my walking preference.

I'm at that point where I need to refocus.My Autistic son is in teenage mode and trying to make him learn is like pulling teeth so I take the view that if I learn things for myself some of it might rub off.

After this Coniston to Barrow walk is over at the weekend I'm considering a new challenge.Perhaps learning to run for a 10k sponsored run.There I've said it,committed my thoughts to paper.It would have to be a fairly realistic distance, after all,at my age and with my fitness level a girl has to be careful,but maybe,just maybe I can do it.After all I managed 23 miles last year and I could hardly climb  a few feet uphill without getting puffed out when I started.

I have started a new Facebook project with a friend too - a frugal sharing page where we can share our surplus produce and safe money and resources. We're really excited about that. So that's a few goals to get me started!

Buck Pike and Dow Crag

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