Monday, 30 June 2014

Chicken Licken

Well it's countdown, only 4 more days until we collect our three battery hens! We already have three hens, two Rhode islands and a Black rock and we love having them but battery hens are a whole new ball game. I'm expecting them to be bedraggled, sad looking and thin.

I've heard good and bad stories.Chickens clucking round the back door looking plump and happy and monsters charging down the coop to attack you on sight.We shall see.

I've borrowed my friend's chicken arc so we can house them separately for a couple of weeks or so to avoid undue stress and hen pecking (hence the terms hen pecked or pecking order). The boys wheeled it through the village and I've given it a coat of harmless wood preservative today .The ark is a work of art in itself. It was made by my friend's husband and I'm most impressed.Top marks for craftmanship!

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