Friday, 13 June 2014

Speaking a different language

This morning when I came downstairs there were several sheets of paper strewn across the floor where my autistic son ( who absolutely HATES putting pen to paper) had been forming what I assumed to be Japanese letters.Indeed they were,when I asked him about them he said that they represented three of our vowel sounds.Oh and by the way he had spent the night learning  the numbers one to a hundred!

He is a shining example of learning through motivation.He is the child John Holt wrote about in his books  How children learn and a classis showcase of how autonomous education works..

As usual and bang on cue.I saw a language course in the charity shop the other day."why didn't you buy it?" He asked

"I wasn't sure you would use it"  I replied "anyway, there's hardly likely to be a queue wanting to whisk it off the shelves.

I was right, there is was this morning, just where I'd spotted it, waiting for me to snap it up.

So now my son is the proud owner of Take off in Japanese and I have saved myself a pretty penny!

Sayonara (which for those of us in the know means Goodbye!)

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