Monday, 23 June 2014

Fun in the Sun!

We've just enjoyed a very satisfying and fulfilling weekend.I'm gradually learning to appreciate that shopping sprees with their short term satisfaction are not for me. The feeling of exhilaration when you climb a mountain or spend some time with a friend and a coffee are far more my thing.

My son's explorer scout group are involved in our local Incredible edible scheme.The idea is to plant fruit and vegetables in waste spaces round the town making them attractive places to be. The scout garden started life as a dingy corner between a car park and factory shop, full of brambles and trees.Over the last few weeks they have hoiked trees from the ground, dug up weeds, built staging and paths and yesterday they had started to plant.Black currant bushes, beans, nasturtiums,leeks ( which I've now learned you plant without infilling with soil afterwards.

My friend and I and our two girls offered to lend a hand, filling troughs with flowers, building wigwams and digging over ground. What sights we must have looked when we walked into our local supermarket later for a coffee!

My eldest son then dashed off to join his friends for a well earned swim at Fell Foot! One again I count my blessings that we have all this on our door step. My daughter and her friend took part in a family fun day at Kepplewray,doing archery and ghyll scrambling in the Yew dale valley, whilst I joined my friends on a seven mile sponsored walk in the evening to raise money for our local Hospice. It was a lovely balmy evening and lovely to chatter as we walked with a friend's dog George.

My autistic son is still unable to join us but he did come out in the sunshine to join us in two family barbeques. It's nice to see that he feels comfortable in the family unit.We just have to work at expanding that now as he missed fish and chips the other day because he couldn't face going out, despite having put his shoes on ready to go.Anxiety is such a crippling  affliction. But as always with Autism we go with the flow and it works for us!

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