Thursday, 25 April 2013

Flower Power


Walking through the lanes this afternoon , after the rain had stopped,  I was amazed how the hedgerows had suddenly come alive.There were so many flowers which only days before were not in evidence. 

Wild primroses

 Wild primroses filled the banks as I climbed towards the fells.

Wild strawberries

Even the tiny wild strawberry flowers were blooming in the grass, Foxgloves and honey suckle were beginning to sprout and what I thought was a member of the dead nettle family although I stand to be corrected if anyone knows any better!

Wood anenomes

I love the delicate wood anenomes.They were still closed up this afternoon but I couldn't resist taking photos of the delicate while blooms and the foliage,

And I have yet to discover what this is! The flowers have just gone over but were little spikes close to the ground.

And finally......

I loved this, now where did I put my welly?

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