Sunday, 7 April 2013

Learning the Ropes!

 As I continued with my practise walks today for the Coniston2Barrow Walk in aid of our local branch of the National Autistic society I decided not to go too far afield.My autistic son hadn't slept at all during the night so decided at about 11.00am it was time to get some kip and my daughter and eldest son wanted to chill out at home so I decided to walk along the canal at Ulverston. It's supposed to be the deepest widest and straightest canal in the UK and unusually didn't form part of a canal network but went from Morcambe bay to the foot of Hoad hill bringing ships to the small port.

 I started along The Rope Walk, a pedestrian footway along which ropes used to be made for ships rigging. A notice board explained how the rope was twisted to make it strong.

 At the end of The Rope Walk I noticed a Victorian post box so stopped to take a photo to show my son. Although he rarely comes with me on my walks nowadays I have adapted my teaching style to discuss the things I learn as I go about my travels . That's the thing about home educating an autistic son, you have to continually adapt your 'style' to suit the current 'challenges'.

 From The Rope Walk I then walked on to Canal Foot and sat and ate my sandwiches in the sunshine looking out over Morecambe bay. The sea was out today but you could clearly see the railway viaduct to Silverdale and Chapel island,

Back along the canal tow path I stopped to watch the various species of water fowl and took some photos of some magnificent swans,

As I approached  the end of the canal at Canal Head I noticed that the flag was flying on Hoad Monument , signifying it was open today. It's a long time since I climbed the monument so I'll have to make an effort another day as the views over Ulverston, the birth place of Stan Laurel are magnificent!

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