Saturday, 27 April 2013

Walking until the Cows come Home!

Well the house is satisfyingly peaceful, My daughter is curled up on the bed reading a book, my son is chatting to his friends on the computer,one son is spending the evening with friends at the pictures and I'm about to rest my weary bones in a hot bubbly bath with a new book on Home Education.
Days when the sun has shone and you've spent all day out side in the fresh air are always the most satisfying, the thick walls of our cottage give you a sense of warmth and security when you finally lift the latch, throw off your wellies and sink into a chair with a lovely cup of coffee.
I've spent the afternoon walking the country lanes and footpaths to rack up more mileage for my training. It was the second walk of the day.The first began at 8.00am this morning before most people were up and there was a different feel about it. The family were still in bed so I grabbed some breakfast, fed the hens put on the dogs leads and away we went.The farmer was milking his cattle this morning as I passed and the noise of the tractor hummed in the farm yard as he was about to start work. A builder was unloading his van and I passed a lone dog walker and a couple of cyclists setting off for the day.

I arrived back to a more animated household, Everyone was up and in a different state of undress but all generally ready to tackle the day. I had my son to deliver to our local market town to meet his friends as we haven't any convenient public transport on a Saturday so we parked in a short stay car park, unloaded my son, his sleeping bag and his gym attire and my daughter and I set off in search of bargains.
She is currently practising at Dance class for a dance production and was looking for a chequered  shirt for a line dance.We found the ideal candidate in a charity shop - a favourite haunt of home educators. At a time when there is discussion about introducing money management into the national curriculum it looks as if the government have finally discovered what home educators have known for years - You never pay full price for anything if you don't have to! It's the most valuable maths lesson you can ever deliver .My own bargains comprised an electronics set and two Horrible Science books for my son too!
We then purchased drinks and sandwiches and headed for home , parking on the fells to eat our picnic in the sunshine. 
At home my daughter and her friend went cycling down the country lanes whilst I embarked on walk two - a vital part of my training for the C2B.
This time I set off for the top of the valley, avoiding the road. I followed a footpath between two dry stone walls and walked down the hillside into the neighbouring village before climbing back up the hill side and turning onto a footpath rising high above the road with magnificent views of the valley floor and the estuary beyond.

 I passed by farm yards ....

and farm implements...

The photos really didn't do the scenery justice.

And as I reached the end of my walk I met these ladies...

Waiting for the cows to come home!

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