Thursday, 2 January 2014

A New Year Begins.

I just had to share my daughter's Christmas present to me, lovely isn't it? We have had a lovely time over Christmas cooking and shopping together. Yesterday we had a family party for New Years day and she made these.....

a broccoli Christmas tree

and meringue Father Christmas's

Although her Autistic brother doesn't socialise much he loves it when his Grandparents come for a family party and he chatted and laughed with the best of us.

We went to see The Hobbit today. He was desperate to go but I knew that if we went when it first came out that the cinema would be too busy (we are used to having the cinema to ourselves). Today was busier than usual but he had an overriding desire to go so he coped!

Whilst my daughter has been perfecting her cooking skills, her eldest brother has been practising his driving. He passed his theory test at the weekend, only a month after his 17th birthday. He's been revising since before he could learn to drive- he had the motivation to learn! He has the advantage of understanding the technical side of the ways cars work so he is doing well but although it won't be long before he is able to take and probably pass his test I've suggested that he doesn't take the test until March by which time he will have 4 months driving under his belt. There is one thing passing a test, quite a different thing having the experience.But I suppose that could be said for the GCSE exams as well!

Anyway a New Year has started and  I'm about to take up my walking again,so that come May I will be able to walk 23 miles in the Coniston to Barrow Walk. It will be interesting to explore new areas and take some more photos of our beautiful area.

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