Saturday, 25 January 2014

The State of our Education!

Schools are fining families who take their children on holiday in term time,there is even talk of fining families whose child is persistently late.You have to ask yourself whether the people who make these rules remotely understand what it is like to have a child with Aspergers. who refuses to go to school each morning.

 I've also heard stories of children having biscuits and cakes taken out their lunch boxes because that food is 'banned', even heard that the government were discussing banning packed lunches all together. What on earth do you do if your child will only eat one type of food in a stressful environment like school. What a mess our education system is in.It's becoming more like a communist state than a democratic society.

Decent hard working families ,who a few years ago would probably not have challenged the system .are starting to see their freedoms being eroded and the rumblings and undercurrent show that many aren't happy. I realised today how bad it had got when my husband suggested my daughter might be better off in an independent school. as at least there would be a degree of flexibility.

If my daughter were unhappy at school then  I suppose it would be an option but not one for which I'd have a great deal of enthusiasm, .Having home educated my son for five years I'm sorry to say I no longer think that school is the best place to learn.

My daughter goes to school because she enjoys meeting her friends there,not because I think it is the best place to learn.She does that at home.She thrives on having people around her and she has lots of friends.Dance also  plays a large part at  school and that's her favourite subject.

I'm not arguing that she wouldn't socialise at home.Far from it,she would never be at home,what with dance and drama classes,scouts and the gym.She is just not unhappy.She has her goals,knows what she needs to achieve them and the simplest route will be to navigate the system rather than swim against the flow.

Only time will tell whether we have made the right decision for each of our children.What I do know is that they are all different and we have respected that and listened to them.I think that they are responsible for their own choices.We can give them options but we need to accept their  choices,even if we have our doubts that they are the right ones.They learn by their mistakes just as much as their successes.At least we have the satisfaction of knowing that it's not too late to take another subject if they need it later on.We just need to follow their lead!

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