Saturday, 11 January 2014

Resourcing Education - some ideas

Primula in the January garden
My son has been working hard on Tekkit from Minecraft. Apparently he is programming in LUA and he was anxious to show me what he had made . As he talked me through the building he had designed I asked him the meaning of various signs . It turned out that they were Japanese! Silly me I should have realised.

 'Oh that's Japanese for 'no entry' ' he replied!.

My son has shown an interest in Japan for a while now, and it doesn't seem to be waning. So far this week, thanks to a post on a geography Home education group we have seen how the Japanese island  Nishino Shima has grown eight times in size following volcanic activity making it look like an aerial picture of Snoopy. I mentioned it to my Autistic son during our teatime discussions and later found him reading the article. Today another post on the same Facebook page drew my attention to a childrens' book on the history of Japan and I have ordered it . I always love watching my son's face as he opens the surprises that drop through the letter box! Then I found a free app called Busuu with flash cards and Japanese and watched my son as he dabbled with it. Its a ongoing way of learning about Japan and its culture but it works as we remember what we learn because we've sought out the information rather than have it imposed on us.

We plan to watch "The Railway Man" when it's released at the cinema as it's about a japanese prisoner of war camp.

On another of my favourite Facebook ressources on  history someone posted a list of books posted on about the First World war (which started 100 years ago) I couldn't believe just how many on the list we had already read in the five years since we embarked on our home education journey. It introduced me to another reading website for children too.

As for my other two children,my eldest left school in the summer and is now working as an apprentice with our local council learning Motor vehicle maintenance. Both he and I know however that his home education hasn’t finished just because school is at an end.Home education for my son was driving lessons with his mum round the country lanes of Cumbria and yesterday he was off to Carlisle as he’s been chosen to be part of the Cumbria county council apprenticeship team in the Brathay Apprenticeship challenge, largely due to the opportunities and experiences he has had with Explorer scouts.

My daughter meanwhile has been busy creating her own recipes ‘Chicken wellington’ which I have to say was very tasty. She is busy rehearsing for the school performance at the end of the month too. She has added drama and singing to her repetoire too. Today we have tracked down a leather jacket for her part in Grease.

As for mum and dad. My husband has obviously done his homework. His new business has taken off and he’s learning lots about how to sell his services and to offer good customer service. Next week he is taking advice on improving the company web design.

Meanwhile I'm focusing on my walking and photography and facilitating the interests of my children. I’m pleased to report that life is good. Long may it remain that way!

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